Where we are now …

The Department Store, Brixton
Setting up for the Writers Workshop

The writer’s weekend workshop was just over a week ago.  It was fantastic to hear the wonderful speakers and to meet the dedicated, hard-working and focused writers.  At the end of the two days, after the talks, networking lunches and meeting all the participants, I felt full of optimism and positivity.  I realise that the workshop can offer writers a valuable range of advice and information, a way to focus on the writing process and very importantly the opportunity for writers to meet and talk and share their experiences.

In the past week I have had time to think about what next and I am delighted to announce a mentorship scheme for BAME authors.  The aim of the scheme is simple – to provide editorial development advice as well as to provide assistance to authors to develop professional skills related to creating great events for readers.

I have also had time to think about how to take the writer’s workshop forward and while I have not firmed up how and where I am looking forward to hosting another workshop in the New Year.  In the meantime … a little more


To actively pursue change for a fully diverse and representative children’s literature.


By hosting a series of workshops that will include providing BAME authors with up to 50% participation on sponsored places.  To develop a mentorship scheme open only to BAME writers.

Because providing emerging writers with access to information and inspiration via a series of workshops delivered by renowned writers and publishing professionals will offer them guidance and skills to improve their writing and increase their professionalism and allow the opportunity for skill building and increasing knowledge.

By creating a mentorship scheme for BAME authors to focus on writing skills as well as personal professional development the general knowledge and understanding gained in the workshops can be refined and polished to have maximum impact at the launch of a writers career.


What will the mentorship scheme do?

The mentorship scheme will allow an author to benefit from working with an editor on their finished novel, to receive editorial advice and guidance and to work towards the creation of a piece of work that is ready for submission to agents and publishers.   The scheme will also include the author having time with a publishing professional who will help them develop core skills around the area of events and promotions.  


Applications are invited to submit up to 2000 words from the start of a finished novel, a synopsis and a bio  to sarahodedina1@gmail.com by the 1st October 2018.  

The announcement of the shortlisted authors with a call-in for submission of the entire novel will be made on the 1st December 2018 and up to four finalist will be announced 18th January 2018.  Mentoring will start in early 2018.  

Applications are invited from BAME writers working on full length fiction for readers aged 7 and older and who are resident in the UK.  Applicants can be mentored on-line but it will be important that the author is able to travel to London for some face-to-face meetings and also to be able to benefit from a planned series of talks that will be held for the shortlisted authors as a group. 


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