The workshop will begin on Saturday 7th July at 9:30 with registration.

10:00 Key Note Speaker: Patrice Lawrence ‘Finding your Voice’

11:00 Practical session:  Setting/Sarah Odedina

12:00 Agent: Julia Churchill of A.M. Heath

13:00 Networking lunch

14:00 Learn the importance of plotting:  Malorie Blackman

15:00 Practical session: Dialogue/Sarah Odedina

15:30 Independent Publishing: Crystal Mahey-Morgan

16:30 Knights of Aimee Felon and David Stevens

17:30 End of Day

Sunday 8th July

9:30 Editor/author: Sara Grant Presenting yourself and your writing – the nuts and bolts!

10:30 Unravel the mystery of contracts:  Nikki Griffiths

11:30 Practical Session: Character/Sarah Odedina

12:00 Editor: Sarah Shaffi Myth Busting – social media and the author

13:00  Networking lunch

14:00 Editor: Carmen McCullough – Acquiring and working with authors

15:00 The Booksellers Perspective: Georgina Hanratty

16:00 Key Note address: Ele Fountain on the art of self-editing

17:00 Summing up:  Sarah Odedina

*please note times and speakers may change slightly 

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